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Restaurant & Catering

Q-Gourmet is a new portfolio of unique restaurant and food retail concepts fused together by a common commitment to provide guests with a memorable and matchless culinary lifestyle. The art of presenting exceptional cuisine employing inspired settings and packaging is the driving force of our business.

Born in 2009, Q-Gourmet is professional hospitality and food service organization that is developing significant and unique concepts created to provide advanced and modern restaurant, fine dining and food hall models. Initially based in UAE, we are ultimately planning for international expansion.

Led by the belief that a spark of inspiration can ignite new creative ideas, Q-Gourmet has an uncompromising passion for delivering distinctive experience for our guests and customers.

Founded and owned by HE Mohammad Saeed Al Qassimi, (President).

Mission, Vision & Values


At Q-Gourmet, we are dedicated to providing an experience in healthy indulgence and a celebration of life and enjoyment. We are most interested in sharing with our customers and guests the finest in taste and visual food sensations the globe can offer. We are fanatical about the preeminent quality of our products and our service. Our millennium agenda is to introduce an array of international aspirational food related concepts that allows our patrons to happily embrace a healthy sense of our brands into their lifestyles.


Our vision is to create a portfolio of restaurant and food hall operations that possess their own distinguished brands, yet are managed under one umbrella, and share the same values for excellence and innovative modern international cuisine. We seek to be recognized as a leader in culinary lifestyle concepts, serving the modern day consumer with international cuisine, that is both modern and eclectic in taste and presentation, yet maintains the integrity of its heritage. Our growth is planned at 2 – 3 locations in year one, followed by subsequent annual growth of 3 – 5 locations per year. Franchising on an international scale will be considered after year 2.


Our values regarding the people we work with, whether they are paying guests, staff, vendors or investors, is the same: we treat our business relationships with the up most reverence and integrity. Our success will be a result of our ability to foster lasting relationships with our guests, staff and vendors. Our vendor relationships are very valuable to us, not just because of the quality of their [vendor’s] product, but also due to their support of our business and our ambitions through the early stages of our business.

We recognize that our staff is the most important asset of our business. We demand high standards of appearance and guest care from our staff. We distinguish ourselves by encouraging staff to offer not just perfect guest service, but more importantly genuine hospitality – we believe that when a guest makes contact with any of our concepts, they are entering our home - our team will be fastidiously trained to ensure our customers feel at ease!

We will welcome and nurture members of our community, reminding people of the liberation that comes with taking time out of every-day life to enjoy being alive. Ultimately, we aim to reach out to everyone living in today's fast-paced, hectic lifestyle by showing them how enjoying a bit of a Q Gourmet concept has the miraculously delicious effect of recharging the soul.

Concepts & Models

Q-Gourmet owns and operates a range of exciting and modern restaurant and food retail models tailored specially to location, size and target market. Our foot print ranges from 300 - 600 sqm restaurant concepts, through to large scale 5000 sqm food emporiums.